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VISCONTI's Customer Service

Although each and every creation designed in house by Visconti is produced to the same standard, each product is unique. Seeing as leather is a natural product there are natural variances in each hides grain pattern and markings. This natural feel is what makes each individual product so special.

Due to the different types of leathers used within our collections and ranges each requires care and attention in a differing manner. Many products will develop a vintage patina lending itself to the pure nature of the leather itself. Understanding how leather ages and how each should be taken care of will reap long term rewards with your Visconti leather product by your side.

To ensure a long friendship between you and your Visconti product we have put together a general list of do’s and don’ts:

Leather and water aren’t the best of buddies so we wouldn’t recommend taking any of our leather products in to the shower with you. It’s not always leather weather and should your product get wet simply remove any residual water with a clean cloth.

Avoid sunbathing for prolonged periods of time without proper protection, this goes for you as well as your Visconti product as the dyes can fade.

Please also be aware of possible colour transfer. To keep your bag in pristine condition wipe down the leather with a soft cloth and place back in the protective slip bag until the next time you use it.

Although our bags are produced with a great deal of care and attention, rare defects can occur. Visconti offers a repair service for bags that develop a defect such as a faulty zip or buckle subject to wear and tear. The repair team will carefully assess each bag and advise accordingly on how to rectify any issues.

All our bags carry a 12-month guarantee from the date of your purchase. If any defect arises within this period we will do our utmost to repair the bag or if necessary provide a replacement. (Proof of purchase will be required).



We also offer a repairs and refurbishment service for Visconti bags that require attention but might have run the course of the guarantee.

To arrange a repair or refurbishment please take your bag into the nearest authorised vendor or get in contact with us directly (0208 965 5353).

If you need to send your bag to us directly you will need to fill out the Repairs Form and send it with your bag in a secure package.

Download a Repair Form

If the repairs team believe your bag can be repaired we will get in touch and provide a quote for the work required. If the bag is within its guarantee and a proof of purchase is present there will be no charge.

Although the repair team endeavour to make sure you are not separated from your bag for longer than needed we will not rush repairs so please allow up to 10 working days before we can return your bag. Due to the nature of leather in some cases some colour or leather variation may be apparent according to the age and condition of the bag.

If you have any questions please contact us