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Founded in 1975 VISCONTI has been crafting some of the finest leather goods for over 40 years. As a matter of fact it was my very own grandfather who laid down the foundation of this company back in 1975 he was hand making and handpainting his own leather bags, why leather you may ask? Well that is a simple question, no other material in the world offers the unique traits, durability, natural feel and look of leather. It is a natural material that has stood the test of time and will continue to do so, each and every one of our VISCONTI products matures over time and with use to develop a patina unique to it's owner. This is a wonderful feature that each and every product of ours has it's own story to tell.

Back then there was no such thing as the internet and the only way to expand the business was for my father to move to London, UK. It was here that the VISCONTI brand name was born, a strong viscount chosen as the logo representing the honest and durable nature of all our leather goods. My father realised a gap in the market for men's bags and small leather goods. The idea of men's messenger bags back some 15 years ago caused quite the stir and attracted many a doubter, but don't all pioneering ideas?

VISCONTI quickly established itself as the go to brand for men's messenger bags, briefcases, backpacks, ladies bags, ladies purses and the list goes on. The reason VISCONTI was able to do this has everything to do with the complete package that we offer from the well thought out and presented packaging to the carefully crafted leather goods that to this day are handmade in our own factories. My father brought such an expertise after being brought up in and around the factories that he is able to understand a customers needs while combining it with leathers inherent natural characteristics. Take Harvard for example, a simple bag on the face of it but believe me when i say the changes our products have gone through over the years have been nothing short of revolutionary, my father was hell bent on offering the best leather goods at the very best prices and this meant change was inevitble across the range. Every change has brought on a massive improvement in the usability, durability or aesthetics of each of our products.

Looking at the VISCONTI range now it is amazing to see the integration of the latest technologies such as RFID protection, precison applique work, branded fittings and drilled rubber backed lining. Over the years VISCONTI has not lost it's vision of offering honest and good quality products for maximum value for money. It is the small things and the constant improvements that we make which overall provide the most delightful and pleasing customer experience.

These founding principles are applied to each and every one of our products across our vast range as it is these same very principles that my grandfather founded this company upon. Now this very company, run by three generations of experts has been around for over 40 years and will be for the forseeable future as there will always be a place for quality leather goods at affordible prices. We take our own challenge of being the best extremely seriously and this is reflected in the thousands of exquisite reviews we have amassed over the years. We now distribute our goods all over this wonderful world and have gained an international recognition.

Today VISCONTI continues to design practical and functional leather goods while remaining true to it's founding principles.